Printing highly sensitive data

May 20, 2019

I am planning to print a highly sensitive document on a hp envy 7830 printer.

The printer is shared and usually accessed over WiFi, but I am planning to print to it by using a USB cable (and disabling WiFi).

I have created a new Ubuntu installation on my laptop and planning to print the document while not connected to the internet, but using the USB cable.

I created the document on that same air gapped Ubuntu Installation and wrote it to a formatted USB.

I don’t want to leak the document in any way.

I am worried about the memory in the printer, it’s 256 MB DDR3. This type of memory is volatile according to many sources on the internet. So if I print the to the printer, then turn off the printer and turn the printer on again, I am assuming that no traces of the document are present in the printers memory.

Could anybody please confirm this or suggest improvements in the process.

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