Problem connecting Printer to Laptop

Oct 25, 2022
I have a Laptop running Windows 11 and an HP Printer Model HP Deskjet 2700e Printer/Scanner..... Both brand new.....

Try as I might. I cannot print from a file on my Laptop...
I followed all the Installation as detailed as advised in the supplied Setup Guide and also used HP SMART

I confirm that my laptop is correctly connected to my home network using a wireless connection.
I went through the HP Reset procedure.. Pressing Cancel, Then Holding Cancel/Wireless buttons etc.
But to no avail and I'm constantly being told that the printer is 'Off-Line......
I confirm that the Printer information panel shows a good strong wireless signal and the Blue LED is flashing

I've tried uninstalling the printer and going through the installation procedure again and again but still no luck !!!

Can someone please help me with this really annoying problem

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