Remotely Power On Printer (Epson XP-442 - 445 Series)

Mar 13, 2021
Hi all,

I have the Epson XP 442 - 445 series which has remote print function via email. However, the snag with this is that the printer must be switched on.

I'm wondering if I am missing something, I assumed the point of remote print was that e.g. if I am out of the house and on my phone I want to print off a document I can email it to the device (whilst it's fresh on my mind) and then when I get home it is sitting there). I also assumed it was sort of like a modern day fax solution where others (who I have given my printer email address) could send items directly to my printer.

So my questions are:

• Have I missed the point on remote/email printing?
• If I haven't missed the point, is there a way for me to remotely switch on my printer? (I have Google home app if this is of any relevance).

I have tried searching Google and this forum to see if anyone has asked similar but can't find anything that relates or if it might possibly be the same question the question and answer are too technical for me to understand (on that note, assume a rudimentary knowledge of tech).


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