Repair of Hp Pro X printer

Dec 3, 2018
Hi All, I recently got an HP officejet Pro X476dw MFP from a friend which havent been used for years. I tried several things to get it working again but till now there isnt coming much more out of it then a couple of black stripes. And the ink cartridges are still half full.

This is what I tried untill now:
- I cleaned the duplex cartridge, this thing was very filthy
- I ran the build in cleaning program for several times but without any succes
- I cleaned the printer heads according to this tutorial:
. This didnt help aswell, although the paper I used to clean turned a bit yellow and red so it gave some ink off.

Well I'am afraid the next step is to dismantle the machine and get the printerhead out for a more intense clean? But according to the user manual from HP this will result in dismantling almost the whole machine. Or does someaone here in the forum has some other tips which I can try first?

Thanks in advance!

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