OCE CS2136 repair

Nov 3, 2019
Hi everyone,
I bought an OCE CS2136 a few years ago, which is idle for the last 11 years. It used to be a fantastic machine, I loved it and I'd like to make it work again, but I'm not sure if it's worth it; is it?
I had removed all the cartridges before storage, so I guess the print heads will now be ok(?).
I face difficulties finding drivers for Win 10; any reliable suggestions?
Could I use black ink only? I mean could I load black where the CMY cartridges should be, in order to make it a BW plotter?
I have this cable: ethernet-USB, to connect the plotter to my laptop. Could I use an ethernet-ethernet cable, connect the plotter to the rooter, in order to make it a wireless plotter?
I will appreciate it if anyone could help me a little!
Thank you all in advance

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