Kyocera P7240 8.5" X 14" Paper wont print

Oct 7, 2020
I am having trouble getting the settings correctly to have an 8.5" X 14" document to print all the way. It doesn't get jammed, it just makes it to the print tray and then stops printing and won't spit the document out. What settings am I missing?
I have created a custom paper size in my dashboard printing prompt as well as created that custom paper size on the printer itself and set it to cassette 2.


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Oct 6, 2020
Okay. Print job stuck in print queue. Manually remove or delete the print job from desktop what operating system your are using and set print spooler setting again by following steps control panel to administrative tools then tap on services, next print spooler.
Hence, may be you can reset the setting of your printer and can print easily.

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