Resetting the the cartridge on a Brother HL-3270

Jul 14, 2023
I have seen several instructions on how to reset the toner cartridges on a Brother HL-3270. Almost all of them don't work or describe the correct steps to make it happen. The following is the steps I use and so far have worked EVERY TIME.

Open the cover and remove the cartridge and drum unit as if you were actually going to replace the cartridge. Slide the green tab back an forth three times to clean the corona wire. Take a cotton swab and clean the contacts on the cartridge and the contacts inside the printer. A dab of alcohol works on the cotton swab just fine. Place the unit back in the printer.

Leave the cover open. LOOK at the screen on the printer. If it shows the home screen
Home Screen2.jpg
, press on Cover is Open.
You should now see the following screen:
Cover open2.jpg
Simultaneously press on the X and the back keys
(top and bottom buttons) and let go. You don't have to hold them down for any length of time. Just press them at the same time and let go. Then press the back key and let go (top button). Note that this key press sequence ONLY WORKS WHEN THE SCREEN SHOWS A PICTURE OF THE PRINTER WITH THE COVER OPEN. It WON'T work if it shows the Home Screen.

If you have done everything correct, you will see the Reset Screen:
Reset Screen2.jpg
LOOK inside your printer and take note of which type of cartridge(s) you have installed. A cartridge with the number 223 is the STD cartridge. The 227 is the HC cartridge. You MUST reset the CORRECT cartridge and ONLY that one. If you reset the wrong type (STD instead of HC or vice versa) or both at the same time, the printer will send the wrong code to the cartridge and it may not reset. If that is the case, you'll just have to run the cartridge out and replace it when the printer tell you to. I have only been able to successfully reset cartridges ONCE and ONLY ONCE. Do not wait until the printer prompts you to replace the cartridge. I have never been able to reset cartridges where the printer says are completely empty or says to replace them. Don't even try to reset the starter cartridges. The printer flat out WON'T let you do it. Suck it up and replace it. Looks like Brother has gone out of their way to make you waste money on buying cartridges before you actually need them

When you are done, press the X key (bottom button) and close the lid. The Home Screen will appear and "should" show that the cartridge is now full.

Has anyone successfully reset the cartridges more than once? If so,I'd like to know how you did it.

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