Ricoh Aficio 2020D

Jul 26, 2014
Hi, I'm a newbie to this forum and need your assistance please. I have a Ricoh Aficio 2020D with 68K total print images. Recently the toner ran out and I replaced it with a new one. The printer went through it's initialization process and worked perfectly for maybe thirty minutes then stopped and issue error message the " toner is low and to replace it". This is a brand new toner bottle that gave me nearly 100 prints after replacement.
I removed the toner bottle and replaced it with another new bottle and got the same message. I also noticed that upon removing the toner bottle that there is plenty spilled ink dust in the area. I've never seen this before. Nothing was broken, lost or damage to the best of my knowledge as I've had and been using this printer for years. I've replaced Part G020-3334 Slider Ass'y due to extreme wear on the foam material but that did not fix the issue. I've searched online for a trend and solution with no success. Please assist and thanks.

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