Ricoh Aficio MP C2500 - Error SC 360 - TD Sensor problem

Aug 6, 2022
I use a Ricoh printer. Since 2 month it doesn't work :
- first it does not recognize the Black Toner. It says it's empty and must be change, even though it's full. I changed it a couple of time with another one that is also brand new and official, but the same error pops up.
- after restarting the printer, a couple of time, finally the error SC 360 comes in. Apparently, it's a toner density (TD) sensor error.
- we've opened the lock where the pumps are. The black pump is clean so i don't think it's coming from a cleaning problem.

After a couple of month, i think the error might be mechanical. The thing is, i'm not a mecanician, and i don't know where the toner density is.

Anyone has an idea where the problem should come from ? The toner density, the pump ? Where can i fan the blueprint so i can find where the TD sensor is ?

Thanks for reading,

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