Ricoh CP 308 Circuit sheet / diagram?

Dec 6, 2018
I recently got an old Rex-Rotary 1225B+, which is a retagged Ricoh CP 308 B+.
However, the “close the covers” indicator is lit. According to the Service Manual on p. 386 it says, it says that the 10A Fuse is blown. Nevertheless, the Fuse is good.

So I think there might be an issue with the motor board. In order to run a systematic analysis, I'm looking for a the circuit sheets of that machine. Does anyone know where to get these?
I already contacted the ricoh service, but the informed me: "We are sorry to inform you that this machine is out of service, there are also no more parts to order." Well, I don't want to order any more parts, but just repair that copier.

Many thanks in advance!

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