Ricoh SP112 nightmare


May 13, 2022

I have a SP112 (only the printer, not the MFP sp112su).
When I connect it t my win 10, win 11 and linux PCs, it's detected as a sp 110su.
The device is recorder as unknown device.
I've followed all possible ways to have it working, but what I came to is
- it's wrongly detected and locked to a USB port (5 in my case)
- I can't force the sp 112 driver as an update of the sp110su device
- I can install the SP 112 driver manually (as per ricoh procedure) but as long as the USB port is locked to the false sp 110su, it can communcate.

Ive even cleaned drivers from the pc (not trace of anything Ricoh rlated) but still the hardware ID makes it a SP 110su and I'm locked

What can I do, any dep tech advice ?


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