RX585 Squeaks at end of stroke ???

Sep 21, 2008
Hi all,

Model = Epson RX585 All in one.
with CISS system and 'OctoInkjet' Waste Ink kit fitted

My problem is that the printer has just started to omit a slight squeak at the left hand side of the print stroke..!

Do I need to grease the stainless steel guide bar or some othe component?
If so then would a light lithium based food safe white grease be ok?
We use it at work [so its free to me ;) ]

The printer is just year old and I print approx 60+ shts a week mainly photos,
and approx 5-10 discs.

I don't know if that info helps but just incase someone asks..

Thanks everyone.. :):)
Apr 21, 2010
I use lithium grease, sparingly. Clock oil should also work as it is very fine. At a push you could break open a cod liver oil tablet but you might find your local moggy wrapped around the print head lol

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