Samsung M2070w Wont Turn On

Jan 29, 2016
Hello. This morning I was printing labels for eBay, after printing two packing slips and two labels I went to print the third set. I received a message that said "printer is in error state". I then noticed the power was off, tried to turn it back on, nothing.

I checked the connections, unplugged and re-connected all the wires. I also tried a different power cord. I tired different outlets. Both with and without surge protectors.

I also tried running the Samsung Printer Diagnostics software but it won't provide me with any information because there is no power to the printer to run the test. Their website (Samsung) is pretty useless, no information, same with YouTube.

I've had this printer a little over half a year and had no issues besides a paper jam or two. I have however printed thousands of shipping labels and packing slips with it in a short period of time.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)

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