Samsung xpress m2070fw error code wont go away

Aug 29, 2017
So there was a paper jam in the fuser unit area, i cleared the paper jam, but the error code won't go away so I still can't print anything. the error code was m2-1317 which is exactly that- jam in fuser area. I have opened up the back and side to see if anything is still stuck but it's clear from what I can see. I also cleaned off the fuser tube with isopropyl alcohol just to be sure it was 'clear;.

How do you get the darn error code to go away?

Internet says reboot with holding down the power and clear button, well that doesn't work. Doing that only gives me the waiting image screen. I know people have done a firmware reset, really trying to avoid going through that, as I don't even understand how to do that. Can i unplug something internally to reset it? Helppp
Dec 7, 2016
Try turning printer off -> Unplug printer from wall outlet -> re-boot computer -> Plug in printer power cord ->
turn printer on.

If that doesnt work, try restore factory printer defaults:
Control Panel -> Devices & Printers -> right click M2070FW Icon -> select Printing Preferences -> Select Restore Factory Defaults under each tab

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