Scan settings "quick buttons"? Aficio MP6002

Oct 31, 2023
I've got this machine setup for scanning over the network and love how fast it scans. But, I wish I could assign 3 or 4 presets to buttons. For instance, I find that small pages like store receipts cannot be automatically detected wrt paper size. So, for every scan like that I have to use the crappy touchscreen to dig into the settings and set it to 8.5x11 (usually) and then back out to scan. I also want to be able to scan double sided with the adf but again, I have to use the terrible touchscreen to get it set to double sided. It's way too much button pushing for things that I will do hundreds if not thousands of time over and over again (with the same settings). Can I create some presets for this kind of thing?


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