Screwed? New Epson updated firmware at install_block non-OEM carts?

Discussion in 'Ink Cartridges, Toner and Refills' started by hphater, Mar 30, 2013.

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    Mar 18, 2013
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    Reading some forum posts (which might need to be made permanent warnings at top of forums) on Epson firmware updates possibly blocking aftermarket carts?

    Just bought a WF 3540 late Mar, 2013. Downloaded software / driver pkg to get latest ver.

    Installed software, thought it was done & it suddenly "announced" on my monitor, "now checking for firmware updates." Huh?!? No warning before, no option to accept / decline, nor a way to stop action. I didn't tell it to update anything. Don't believe there was option in THIS installer to allow auto updates or opt out. It finished firmware update very fast (or just didn't find any newer - dunno).

    Best I remember, was NO "custom installation" option, to select / decline what to install??
    What now? Will it be impossible to use refillable carts?

    IF there's no way to get around it blocking refillable carts - which I'll probably use, or a way to revert to earlier firmware, I could take the unit back & get another. Hopefully, there's some way to stop / opt out of auto firmware updates during installation.

    On very latest models, how do you stop auto updates / firmware checks, when installer doesn't give options? I could've disconnected internet, but probably would've had issues setting up wireless connection.
    If I'd known about this, could've blocked printer w/ KIS firewall.

    If uncheck the ONLY option on installation screen, it disables install button. So, appears no custom install w/ this software.
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    hphater, Mar 30, 2013
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