Set colour printer to print black artwork as colour without editing original file??

Oct 29, 2016
I'm really hoping someone is able to offer some advice and will be grateful for any help!!

I own a Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM305 (although for this question I don't know that that's relevant) which I use for printing wedding stationery. I have a client who has provided me with a scan of a hand-drawn image they want to use for their wedding invitation. It is a simple line drawing which has been done in black pen, then hi-res scanned. The couple wish to have the image printed in navy blue.

I really don't want to get into the whole Photoshop editing thing as my knowledge of Photoshop is limited at best (though there could be a simple answer staring me in the face there and I just don't know it), so I'm wondering if there's a quick and easy way to set my printer to print the image as a colour other than what's on the page, ie. ordinarily the printer would obviously want to print a black image in black, but I want to to print what it recognises as black, in blue instead, only using the printer settings?

I realise this may be a ridiculous question but it can't hurt to ask, right???

Again, thank you in advance for any help or advice!!


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