Sharp MFP (MX-M266N): can I write an application for this printer?

May 31, 2022
In a past thread I asked how to program a workflow for said printer so that I scan-print-and-email a document to a preset email address with preset subject.

Here I would like to describe my more general objective and ask for advice on how to proceed to program the printer for this, if at all possible.

Different scanned pages must enter a database into different "projects" with specific project id each.

1) Ideally I would like that for each scanned page, the user is asked (by the printer) for the destination project name/id. Then the printer scans the document, prints a hardcopy for hard-records and creates a JPG/PDF with said project name/id set as comment/exif data. The printer then emails the document to my mailbox and my software takes over. This is the simplest. All I need is the printer to ask user for "project id" and also be able to create documents with specific exif comments.

2) Less ideally, the printer asks for project name/id and contacts my software via a web-service (which I run already) and obtains a qr-code. Which the printer overlays onto the output JPEG/PDF which is then emailed to me and my software takes over. This is quite a round-about way of doing the above in the case that the printer can not be instructed to add specific exif comments to output digital scans.

3) Less, less ideally, the user has printed already a stash of QR-codes, one for each project. For each document to scan, the user selects appropriate QR-code and manually overlays it onto the page to be scanned (glue!). Then user presses a button and scanned document is emailed to me and my software takes over. This assumes that the printer can not be programmed for the above, but for this option I still need help on how to scan+print+email all in the press of a button.

It would seem that in 2022 these should be already possible, ...

any advice is appreciated,


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