Sharp MFP (MX-M266N): need to scan, hardcopy AND send email into a preset program

May 31, 2022
Hi all,
With my very limited experience on MFPs, I am trying to setup a workflow on a Sharp MFP in order to scan a paper document, print a hardcopy of it and at the same time email the result at a fixed email address which does not need to be changed by the user.

So far
* I have setup the SMTP and added the destination email address to the address book.
* And I can scan-and-email using the "Image Send" tab (on home screen) - email arrives OK.

However, I still need to:
* get a hardcopy of scanned document as well as the email.
* create a stored procedure (so to speak) to include all the above. Ideally I want to press e.g. "program #5" and that would scan, hardcopy and email to my fixed, preset email address using output file format presets (e.g. JPEG).

The first problem seems to me to be that there are 2 tabs on home screen "COPY" and "Send IMAGE". And they seem to be mutually exclusive (i.e. 2 different tabs). Secondly, there is no "run a program" when I select the "Send IMAGE" tab. Stored programs can be recalled only in "COPY" tab.

Edit: Ideally, I would like the Subject of the email to be fixed as well and be remembered/associated with this specific destination address.

Any ideas?

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