Sharp MX-M282N is 'spinning up' too frequently?

Jul 30, 2012
Hi All,

At my work we are using a Sharp MX-M282N MFP. It is constantly 'spinning up' every 20 - 30 seconds as though it is going to print. However most of the time it doesn't print, so I am wondering what is going on? Perhaps more importantly I am wondering how to shut the thing up (as it is starting to drive several staff members crazy)? I had considered the possibility that there may be network based software, such as Spiceworks (or PRTG Network Monitor) interrogating the printer with too high a frequency. But unfortunately this does not appear to be the case; in fact a networking specialist used WireShark to try and detect suspect data packets when the printer makes the 'spin up noise unnecessarily' but he was unable to find anything wrong.

Can anybody share some wisdom on how to make this printer less noisy, and more dormant?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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