Sharp sharp mx 3640n not printing

Discussion in 'Sharp' started by manuUSA2017, Jun 5, 2019.

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    Jun 5, 2019
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    Thank you to all to have this forum to help others.
    I am from France. I just arrived in a new company where they have few printers on their local site. One of them is a sharp MX3640N.
    Here is my problem :
    1. That Sharp printer has been installed on some computers (Windows 7 and 10) using the printer firmware, lauching it and letting it do it job.
    2. It is installed with the WSD port.
    3.Now I tried to do the same on a Windows 10 = KO. Not working. I can ping the printer from that laptop. I disabled the firewall, antivirus... and still KO.
    4. Then I decided to install it on the Print Server. 1) Add a new printer 2) chose the TCPIP protocol 3) Add the correct drivers which one were already on the serveur. Then the printer did install itself. I added the Sharing printer on it. I added the printer on my laptop from the sharing. It did install. I sent a page as a test = KO. I see the printer doing it job and sending it but nothing is printing.
    5. I check on the printer by connecting on it. I noticed the protocol WSD was checked. I unchecked it, restarted the printer... but still nothing coming out.

    Any ideas where is the problem ? I am bugging on it. I did install KONICA, TOSHIBA and others with TCPIP and everything is fine. With Sharp I am having real trouble.
    Thank you for your help and advices.
    manuUSA2017, Jun 5, 2019
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