[SOLVED] Epson WF-2760 ink cartridge carrier won't move

Mar 5, 2017
I am trying to install the ink cartridges into my brand new Epson WF-2760 but cannot get the cartridge carrier to move to the place where I can do this. How do I get it to move over?
Dec 7, 2016
Here is manual:
Follow pages 211 thru 214.
Let us know how you make out
Here is a video that will be similar to your model printer:

Believe this procedure will work for u:

1) Turn power button on
2) use arrow down key to go to "set up" click ok
3) Go to "maintenance " click ok
4) Go to "Replace cartridge " click ok
5) click on "start " gray button
open cover ink cartridge is aligned for replacing of ink

See this video as well:

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