Hook up Epson WF 2760, answering machine, Comcast router


Jun 25, 2017
I think my setup does not need all the wires I used although it works.

I ran the wall line to the Comcast gateway which has a splitter plugged in to it. From the gateway splitter I ran a line to a splitter. That splitter ran one line to the Epson All in One and the other line from the splitter to the answering machine.

Instead of all that could I have, run the wall line to the Comcast gateway splitter. Then run a line from that splitter to the Epson line in and from the Epson ext to the answering machine.
The fax is on 6 rings and the answering machine on 4.

I know it sounds like a lot of work but I am handicapped and it is hard for me to actually test this out.

In other words, did I run an extra line which has the splitter in my current set up?

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