Phone gets continuous "off hook" beep-beep-beep with SCX-3405FW

Apr 20, 2014
Phone always gets the high-pitched, fast "beep beep beep beep" off-hook indicator when this printer is connected. Here's how it's connected:
Vonage Line 1 => LINE (lower phone jack on printer)
EXT. (upper phone jack on printer) => phone handset.

Even if I reverse these connections (which isn't correct), it still results in this "off hook" condition. Phone handset works fine when plugged directly into Vonage Line 1 with either cable I'm using.
I think this means I am not going to be able to FAX from this printer.... I need to do that.
BTW - Lexmark S400 series printer works fine set up just like this.

Is there some printer setting to enable these phone jacks? Couldn't find one.
I don't know if it's related or not, but in Easy Printer Manager in the "Fax to PC" settings, when I try to "Enable Fax Receiving from Device" and hit "Save", it responds "It is not possible to enable the fax receiving feature on this device: Please check if [Fax to PC] option is turned on or not, on the device".
I did not see how to do that thru the printer's console.

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