Cannot connect to printer with Laptop or Phone, but can with iPad

Dec 26, 2019
I have a Brother MFCJ6520DW printer, which I have recently upgraded with a Brother MFCJ6920DW (the next model up), because the scanner broke on the 6520 model.

I have always been able to connect to and print and scan from the 6520 model. However, when trying to setup the 6920 and having downloaded the latest drivers, I simply cannot connect it to either my Galaxy Note 4 phone, Lenovo X200T or Lenovo X1 tablet 3rd gen to the 6920 model. And yet, it connects perfectly to the iPad 2.

Logically, it would seem there is nothing wrong with the printer, and rather the problem is with my other devices. As yet, I cannot find out what the problem is, and was hoping someone could help. It is a slightly older model, so it has no warranty left on it, and Brother won't assist me.

I have tried running setup via USB and it still won't recognise it. It basically goes through the setup process, asks me to cionnect the printer to the WIFI network (and it does connect), but then the setup just won't go any further as it's waiting to find this newly connected printer.

It doesn't show up anywhere in the computer, i.e. not even under devices & printers etc.

Any help would be gratefully relieved. This is doing my head in.


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