SP C261SFNw Special Paper Feeding

Oct 15, 2020
I have a lovely little SP C261SFNW laser printer which I dearly love when printing B/W or Color 8-1/2x11 sheets from Tray 1 (I do not yet have Tray 2)...the print is excellent, speed is awesome, color outstanding, just really like this printer under these circumstances.

When printing special paper (labels, checks, anything not exactly 8.5x11) however, this little kitten becomes a fierce beast. The "Bypass Tray" (basically a hole in Tray 1) is utterly useless...even letter-sized paper ends up printing crooked, with off-sized paper twisting every which way through the paper path. Placing a half-sheet into Tray 1 causes other issues, since unlike most laser printers this thing reads the paper as not the "correct" size and throws a hissy fit.

Short of buying a second B/W-only laser printer for specialty paper, does anyone have any hints on how to tame this beast? Has Ricoh (or any third party) come up with a front tray system that has tighter tolerances for manual feed than the Tray 1/Bypass Tray that comes with the machine to keep the paper from wandering off sideways?

Seriously, any hints or tricks would be appreciated...the machine just ate another partial sheet of wallet-sized checks, and I'm starting to pull out the little hair I have left!

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