The absolute insanity of Epson trying to force you to buy more ink , when you only need BLACK

Mar 22, 2020
So, I have an Epson XP 6100...the black, as expected runs out far before the other colors but the 'photo black' (why does there need to be two blacks??) is kinda low I purchased the double cartidge normal black, but the stupid printer pop-up tells me the 'photo black' is low too! What the actual F???....I have a FULL, NEW CARTIDGE OF the double BLACK and should have NO PROBLEM printing documents now?! How is Epson getting away with this???

EDIT- A quick google search brought up all sorts of links about a class action lawsuit against Epson for the greedy ways with regards to ink refills ,etc....Good deal. I hope they have to pay through the nose. Meantime, is there a workaround for this greedy insanity by this company? I really need to print some documents and can't wait much longer to get them done. This is beyond belief....BTW, I saw something online about making sure a buried setting about making sure the 'Enable Epson Status Monitor 3' is checked, and then I should supposedly be able to go ahead and print my black and white document,.....I checked and it IS checked, but it still doesn't print.....PLEASE HELP!

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