the color ink cartridge may be almost out of ink (when it's not!!)

Aug 21, 2012
I am having an issue with my HP PSC 1210xi... I have tried like 6 brand new color ink cartridges and no matter what amount of ink is in the cartridge, I get that message!!! I stopped taking the ink cartridges back to the store and tried printing and it prints like the ink is full!!! I seem to cannot get this 'almost out of ink' message to go away!!! it stays there regardless that the cartridge is full!!!

already tried: reinstalling printer driver, Googling the issue

Google came up with NOTHING when I searched the issue, and no results when I put the error message in quotes!!!


May 8, 2013
Moltres Rider: Ever heard about Smart Chips? If not, then I'm telling you. They are chips placed inside our cartridges. It prompts empty even if your cartridge are still full. That's a strategy of OEM manufacturers to earn more. Just never mind that first. If you can see that the cartridge is really empty, then that's the time for you to refill.

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