To Upgrade to A New Printer or Maintain Current Printer

May 31, 2018
I have a HP Laser Printer 4014DN Monochromatic. The printer is 8 years old I purchased it in April of 2010. It requires a maintenance repair kit as the paper is jamming in the printer.

Is it worth spending $500.00 CAD on a maintenance kit? or should I be looking for a new printer. It uses 64A laser toner, I wonder how much longer this toner cartridge will be produced.

What would be the equivalent printer to the 4014DN be, it cost me $797.00 CAD. It is a basic printer that does monochrome 2-sided printing. I don't need scanners, photocopying or colour printing as I have that with my inkjet, this printer is solely for printing pages and pages of instructions so needs to be fairly fast and durable for lots of printing.

Thanks for any advice.


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