Toner refill on a Samsung printer

Jan 15, 2018
Hello every one , this is my first post here
a while back i bought Samsung M2070W multi-function printer and it's been good so far
so the printer keeps displaying the message "prepare new cartridge" and the samsung easy printer manager says it's at 2%
i read online about my options and saw that toner cartridges can be refilled but i saw a few people saying that the chip that is at the toner cartridge won't let you print even after refilling it and saying stuff like that it used to work but Samsung's firmware updates stopped any refilled cartridges from working , is that truly the case for any one who owns it and tried this ?
is my only option to buy the new pricey cartridge ?
also i checked my user counters and i only printed about 275 pages , rarely did i print images or stuff that requires a lot of toner.. is the stock cartridge under-filled or something ? or should i expect the new cartridge to behave in the same way ?
thanks in advance for your responses .

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