Total anachronism: HP 750C Plus plotter, advice for new OS

Apr 28, 2017
I just acquired an HP 750C Plus plotter as a sort of timely gift, I'm involved in time sensitive non-profit work and needed a wide format printer (and have zero budget above supplies).

The issues that I am having involve two decades of evolution of our information technology.

I have the manuals, I know that the printer works, and am picking up a 25 pin to USB adapter 30 minutes from now.

What I need to know from you veterans who may have used this model of beast during the transition between generations of technology:

I use a 2007 Mac mini with OS X 10.7.5 as my primary computer, and have the option of using a Gateway laptop with Windows 7 64 bit (but it has issues). There is an older laptop that I could possibly use as a "translator" if I am able to "step down" file formats, etc.

What software/drivers do I want to be trying first to get this show on the road?

When it is time to go ethernet/wireless, what are the base guidelines for what I want to do/use?

Does anyone have any advice about what plotter papers to use, or how to find cut sheets? Terminology seems to have changed a bit, gumming up the plotter etc would be a tragedy, and I don't have time to dedicate more than some research to this single topic, so ALL information and advice that anyone has to offer is more than welcome.

Thank you.

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