Uninstalling An HP CP1025nw

Feb 10, 2013
Though I had just installled and tested the software/driver installation on this printer just a few days ago on my 3 computers, today I found that when mousing over the tray icons on all of the machines, it said that the printer wasn't connected. I went through the routine of cycling the power on the printer and rebooting one of he computers, but it didn't change anything.

In the Start Menu's HP folder, I found a configuration utility that had the option to reconfigure the current installation, but when I tried that it failed, and when I canceled it out, it did a roll back, but it rolled to far, because now not only is the configuration utility missing from the folder, but also the uninstaller. Checking Programs and Features, nothing is listed except an update package and a help-learn center entry.

I then went to Printers and Devices to find that the printer was missing there, so I used the add device button and since it listed my printer, I had it add it back. After Windows installed a driver, I checked in the Device Manager and still didn't find the printer listed, but only something called WSD Print Provider...whatever that is? However when I sent a test page to the printer it worked properly, but would still feel better if it worked the way it is designed to.

After all of this, I thought about what could have caused the problem simutaneously on all 3 computers, and then remembered that I had just flashed the firmware on my router yesterday, and since the router is the means that the printer uses to connect, I figure the router somehow lost the printer, or vice a versa.

The question now is how can I cleanly uninstall the software/driver, so that they can be reinstalled, without the use of any of the uninstall options normally used?

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