USB A/B doesn't fit my new Epson 3640 printer

Mar 11, 2015
I was wondering if any one could help me find a cable that fits my new Epson Workforce 3640 printer. I was told to get a USB 2.0 A/B cable, but the "B" end doesn't fit the printer. I tried the "A" end and it fit just fine, but I also need the "A" end for the computer end. Does this printer take an USB A/B or A/A. The "B" end is just too short and fat. HELP! Otherwise I really like the printer, but I need this issue taken care of. Can anyone possibly help?

Also, what Ethernet cable does this printer take. I have some standard ethernet cables, and one fits my wireless router(I'm on wired network now; I don't have wireless) but the other end doesn't fit the printer. The port for it on the printer is too short. Is there a precise cable that must be used or do I need an adapter that fits the Epson Workforce 3640 and the standard ethernet(LAN) cable I have now?

I just want to find a cable that fits and works with it. I love this printer and *do not* want to send it back. What do I do?

Thank you for any help you can give me.
Sincerely yours,
Katherine M. Logan
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Jun 10, 2006
Hi Katherine, it's quiet unusual for a printer to take the "type A" connection to control the printer - although it will have type-A ports to plug in USB drives. I've uploaded a photo which should show the main USB port to be used to connecting to your PC, I can't confirm if it's a type-B from the photo, but it looks like it - is this the part of the printer you've tried to connect it to?


A standard Ethernet cable should also fit this printer, they only make them in one size for things like this. If you're able to upload a photo of where you're trying to connect it to and I'll see if I can identify it (a photo jack connector looks like a small Ethernet port sometimes). The printer has WiFi though, so you don't need a USB or network cable at all if you've got a wireless router for your network - that would be the easiest way to use it :).

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