Vinyl Sticker Paper and Greeting Card Media

Sep 23, 2017
Hi All,

Just after some advice as it says in the title. Firstly I am after sheets of A4 glossy vinyl sticker paper as I am wanting to make some small labels that I will cut out my self. Secondly I am after glossy greeting card stock (whatever standard size of greeting card is) that is preferably pre-scored to help with the folding.

I have a Canon Pixma Pro-10s printer.

I know I can Google the printing media, but there are soooo many companies selling what look like decent products that I'm a bit overwhelmed with what's on offer.

Price-wise I don't need the cheapest products but for what I'm doing it doesn't have to be "the best possible" either. Something good quality but mid-range price would be fine. I just thought that maybe someone on here had experience in either or both these areas and could offer some advice. :)

Thanks in advance.
Dec 8, 2021

I can give you some suggestions​

Inkjet Sheet Waterproof Clear A4 Printable Wholesale Laserjet Printabl Label Transparent Vinyl Sticker Paper
Advantages of this paper´╝Ü​

1. Cricut Printable Clear Sticker Paper - Smooth and simple to use; Can easily be cut manually or by using a cutter machine. 8.5x11 inches, standard inkjet printable vinyl paper; Choose between transparent, glossy, or matte paper.
2. Quick Drying and High Quality- Our clear vinyl sticker paper is Smudge Proof; Ink seeps deeply into the sticker paper for Cricut, almost instantly; At least give it 5 minutes before touching it.
3. With the high quality Water-resistant sticker papers, you can creat various of lables and stickers both indoors and outdoors. Simply seal the sticker with a UV resistant sealer or clear acrylic spray to boost waterproofness and durability.

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