Waste Ink Error

Nov 5, 2019
I thought I'd come here to let all the epson artisan owners in on a lil secret.
I own an epson artisan 800. I purchased this printer roughly 12 yrs ago. still works perfect in every way
photo prints are still amazing. I love this printer. I purchased a cis system for the printer at the same time
cis is "continuous ink system" mind you i have filled this things 2 times in 12yrs. and printed thousands of documents and photos. well recently I encountered an error. (nothing to do with the cis system at all)
the error stated "the waste ink pads have come to the end of life cycle" so i did some research and it turns out
that when the printer charges the ink cartridges the waste ink goes into a compartment that has a bunch of pads.
these pads hold a great deal of ink. I phones epson and epson told me these pads can't be replaced that I am better
off purchasing a new printer. I didn't want to hear that because after looking through 500 printers none of them
add up to the artisan. the quality, the features, the over all performance is just one of a kind on this printer.
so i took it upon myself to see what i could do about this error and issue and this is the conclusion I have come to.
as epson tells us this waste ink tank thingy isnt changable or removable I found it was. its at the very bottom of the printer.
what i did was. I removed the waste ink tank. I purchased pads from a different printer (because they sells pads for all kinds of printer but the artisan 800 series. and replaced them. when you remove the waste ink tank theres a tube that goes into a
lil white thing and that disburses the ink evenly through out the waste tank. and i drilled a hole right through the waste tank and then a hole at the very back of the printer. I used a fishing tank air hose and attached it to the tubing in the printer
and directed it right out the back of the printer and into a bottle. tested and works perfect. now when the ink charges
the waste ink dont collect in the waste ink pads. it goes directly out the back of the printer into the bottle. there's software out there and is called wic and it resets the counters of the printer. all printers i believe it works for. but they want $10.00 for a key to make the software do its thing. they give you a free one time use, but it dont completely reset the counters it only gives you id say 20%. good if you need it in a hurry so you can print something important. but I recently discovered espon offers the software as well and i believe epsons software resets the counters 100%. I took a couple pictures to show everyone what i did.
I hope this post helps out anyone who has or had this issue because this printer is not cheap. you cant buy them no more
and the ones I have found online are 2x's more priced then we all paid. one I found new was $700.00.
enjoy and if anyone has any questions about the cis system or the modding I did I'll be glad to answer any questions.
thank you for reading this post. may your epson print print and keep printing.


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