What's with the unstoppable forced print of network details

Jul 10, 2021
If you go to pretty much any printer and connect it to a wifi network, the printer will force print connection details every time and there is no way to stop or disable it.

I wonder who thought this was a good idea, it's not, one should be able to disable or stop the printing of the details as it's such a big waste of paper and ink and time, I can see this occurring for older printers with no displays or touch screen or anything where you can't digitally see the connection details but for most new ones that have displays etc this should not happen.

Also one should be able to cancel or disable this but it's a forced print that is near impossible to stop.

Needs to be fixed.

If I could access the printers programming/firmware I would love to remove or make it available to be cancelled at the very least.

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