Which Printer To Buy? (Newsletter Business Startup, 10,000/mo)

Jul 19, 2015
So I'm starting up a newsletter business and currently am outsourcing my printing. Yet I'm curious to find out what costs would be if I printed in house.

My newsletters are a simple 11 x 17 folded in half (4 pages) and the quality from the print shop I use right now is excellent. I haven't reached 10,000 a month in volume yet but I know that day will be coming soon. I've gone to several electronics stores in my area to talk with employees and it's clear they don't really know what to tell me.

My knowledge of printers is pretty basic. I have the understanding that inkjets are generally higher quality, but with the volume I'm doing I feel I'll have to go with a laser just for the sake of speed. Yet I don't want to sacrifice the print quality.

Really hoping to get some advice on printers I should consider that can handle 10,000 11 x 17 prints a month without the quality being terrible or having to wait days for prints to come out. I'm also concerned about toner/ink costs too. Any advice one what printers I should consider would be immensely appreciated!


Nov 14, 2014
Only use a laser printer. I use a mono model HP p1102 which are going cheap at the moment and have never had problems.
I use a 285a toner cartridge which I refill myself. A kg of toner cost under 30 pounds.
I would recommend any machine using this cartridge. A compatible cartridge cost under seven pounds and in theory if you know how to fill it properly should last forever.
It is in two parts. The one where the toner goes into is easy to fill, just one screw and make sure you 'align' the 'bar' properly.
The one with the waste toner is harder. I havent succeeded in taking out the drum and putting it back without damaging it somewhat.
It is best to undo the two screws holding the plate on top of the waste toner and vacuuming out the waste without taking out the drum.
This can be done with a good screwdriver.
I find the toner cost minimal

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