WorkCentre 7830

Feb 4, 2023
Hi All

I’ve been searching for a few days, on this and other forums, but can’t seem to find the answer.

is it possible to use a Xerox WorkCentre 7830 without a ‘service plan’ in place. The machine was working fine after I replaced the hard drive and installed the firmware, however once I put it on the network and set the correct date/time it is now asking for an activation code for a Supplies plan and that the toner is not compatible, it was before it called ‘home’

I’m assuming this will be due to the printer contacting whomever provided it’s previous support contract/supplies plan.

For context, this printer was sourced via the clear out of a retail unit, with permission from the unit owner. The unit had been closed for 2-3 years before this point.

Is there a code generator that will provide a code so that I can provide/source my own supplies.

I am not a business and taking out a plan would not be financially viable due to such low print volumes, I’ll be lucky to average double figures each month.

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