Xerox Workcentre 4150/XF slow printing

Nov 14, 2014
I have a Workcentre 4150 /XF with 40 GB hard drive.
It is very slow when printing. It takes hours to print
just a 50 page document.

What could be the problem? Will it help if I reformat
the printer hard drive fresh to FAT32 with an IDE to USB adapter?
Will I need to install any thing on the hard drive after formatting?

The printer has a Hitachi 40GB hard drive. I also have
a Samsung 40GB hard drive which came off another Workcentre 4150 /X.

Also, the printer has 256MB RAM. According, to specs it can take upto 384MB
RAM. The RAM slot on the side is already occupied with 256MB stick. Where
can I put the additional RAM stick?

Please post if you know.
May 14, 2014
How is the printer connected to the computer? As it is a network MFP I guess the drivers are installed on some sort of print server?

I would suggest deleting the queue and the driver, and then reinstalling using PCL6.

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