XP-7100 Photo and Letter Output Quality Question

Mar 10, 2022
I have the Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 and am generally happy with its functions and print output. But as I probably didn't use it often enough I would have issue (clogging and blotches on the outputs that required extensive cleaning cycles). It was suggested to set the printer settings to allow the printer to go to sleep after a few minutes and let it wake itself up when it receives a signal to print something. This generally helped with the normal (read letters) print quality. However recently I needed to print some photos (which while I realize this printer is not even Epson's best for photos, I like the quality and color I get out of it when I need to print photos myself as opposed to sending it out to a lab). But there was lots of black lines and blotches on the prints. Had to go through many cleaning cycles to get the PBK cartridge (the Photo Black cartridge) to clear itself. The blotches have improved with the occasional black "issue" (a dot in the wrong place or some pretty faint black lines).
Advice - aside from getting a dedicated photo printer please - on how often I should print at least one photo to keep that dedicated Photo Black ink clear or any other suggestion.

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