A plea to Epson Surecolor P7000/9000 engineers...........

Jul 25, 2016
As a long time Epson devotee of over 20 years I finally took the plunge earlier this year a purchased the flagship P9000 printer. The build, quality and performance of this piece of technology can ono be summed up in one word....STELLAR!

Print quality has to be seen to be believed and this printer delivers everything the manufacturers claim. Everything except one important feature that is!

As a working professional one of the prime requirements is to track and quantify printing costs and this is where the P7000/9000 series falls way short of the mark. The omission of some sort of print history directly relating to ink consumed is, in my opinion, a serious oversight in a printer of this calibre and price. My current 4900 and previous 7600 (four generations ago) have/had the facility to display ink usage per print.

PLEASE EPSON, reassure all current and prospective Surecolor 7000/9000 users that, as we speak, you are busy with a firmware upgrade that will address this serious issue!

Thank you!

SIDEBAR:- If by any chance the above facility does currently exist in the printer software I do apologise. The South African importers and several Epson associated technicians that I have spoken to verify my observations.

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