Epson WF-2650 & Premium Expressions XP-630 Ink issue please help

Sep 26, 2017
Please help if you can I know these printers are discontinued. I used to purchase my ink from a website that I got them at a very good price for but they no longer even carry the remanufactured cartridges. I'm not familiar with these other websites that I've been looking at or if they're even legitimate, so I knew the best thing to do would be to turn to a forum. I haven't been on a forum in a long time. The sites I looked at looked kind of shady and the reviews look like they were duplications of the same person but different names or another person but same words, or the same person had reviewed quite a few times one after the other. It wasn't like they bought ink this month and then bought printer ink in January or February and reviewed again. It was like they bought ink this month and then reviewed it like 3 times. Any help would be greatly appreciated, a lot of the sites I have found want to charge you full price or the OEM cartridges and charge you even more I'm not worried about OEM, remanufactured is fine as long as they work and they are a really decent price.

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