Epson WF-2650 ADF feeds 90% of sheet 1 and jams

Nov 7, 2020
I have a WF-2650 with the ADF on top. It has suddenly stopped completely feeding a sheet thru.

It will feed unit about 90% of the sheet is in the feeder (at that point about 10% of the sheet has reached the scanner) and then stop. Inside the gears keep turning until it announces a jam (about 20-25 seconds.) When it jams about 1/4 inch of the sheet is showing in the lower tray of the ADF so the leading edge has made it all the way thru the mechanism.

I've verified that the feed path is clear and I've cleaned the rollers with a lint free cloth dampened with window cleaner.

I've also completely reset the firmware (although it really seems like a mechanical issue) and nothing has helped. This behavior started 1 day ago.

Any advice on how to fix this would be appreciated.

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