Answers about the WF-7720 I have NOT been able to get from Epson

Sep 14, 2021
'Current' questions Epson has NOT answered:
or, I do not know how - where to ask?

1. Can the WF7720 be set or forced to use ONLY black ink when doing ONLY B&W printing?

2. Our WF7720 is used 80% to scan &/or FAX and 20% to copy & print. When an ink problem is detected, scanning & FAXing seems to be disabled unless-until the ink issue is resolved (expensive)! Is there a way to override-bypass that limitation/shortcoming?

3. I have NOT been able to find any info/details about ink aging/drying out i.e. how quickly-often should ink be used - must be replaced! In an office, daily use would be EXPECTED, but home or home-office use is occasional = less frequent-regular.

4. What is the shelf life of new ink cartridges as long as the package/bag is NOT open (remains sealed) & the ?cartridge's? seal is not removed?

5. Since the WF-7720 seems to expend - use ink, ALL ink SO rapidly is there a (any) way to reduce ink density - consumption?

THANKS for reading and any help one or more members may be able to provide.

Remain in GOOD health & be SAFE!

Mrs. RA

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