Anybody have a MFC7220 "Toner Life End" workaround?

May 23, 2012
Hi all, I have a Brother MFC7220 that will NOT move past the Toner Life End problem, despite trying two different genuine Brother toner cartridges.

The other joyous error in addition to the Toner Life End problem is Replaced Drum error message as well. It has yet another NEW drum in it right now. sooooo, what's the problem here folks? Anyone have any idea? I'm really stuck without this printer.

No other problems in the past with this machine, but these two, and replacing the drum when instructed, and toner when instructed has worked fine before. As usual I need to print right NOW, and cannot.

I also just went through the instructions on Brother's faq for "Why does the message "Toner Life End" continue to appear after I replaced the toner cartridge?" ( I don't have enough ranking here yet on this forum to post a link to it)

Thanks in advance,
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