banding on multiple new Canon iX6850

Nov 10, 2023
Hi all,
I posted ths previously in the Canon section and didn't receive any replies so I'm trying again.

Since this I have caved and bought yet another new iX6850. less than 200 sheets in and I'm having the same issue.

Original posted 10/11
I’m at my wits end!
I recently bought 2 new iX6850’s to replace some older ones I have. I run a small business and print a lot of reasonably high quality A4 paper and I’ve always loved these printers.

However, the 2 new ones I have are really awful quality. I print self adhesive Photo Matt paper and print on High Quality from Adobe Illustrator. Usually the colour is saturated, flat and consistent however these new ones have awful banding that no amount of cleaning or aligning will get rid of. They also seem very light, like not enough ink is being put down.

They were bought from different places which makes it all the stranger.

After cleaning, deep cleaning, aligning, checking drivers, changing settings, paper, inks, program and even computer the results are consistently awful.

The print nozzle test is quite lined, very feint, but with multiple thin lighter lines I cannon improve at all.
After all the elimination I’m assuming it must be print head. But these printers are new?! Have Canon started cutting costs with crappy parts? Or am I unlucky?

Has anyone else experienced the same?

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