Black marks are ruining my printouts

Jan 31, 2021
Hi there. I'm really don't know what else to do about this issue and have scoured the net to try and find a solution to this issue, but really struggling. Hoping that there will be an expert on here who can help or give me a few things to try - Epson's own support has been useless.

I use Microsoft Publisher to print out graphic designs and I use an Epson XP-900 printer. I am printing out double sided designs and most of the time it appears to work fine.

However, very frustratingly, I am having a problem with a few designs whereby one side prints absolutely fine and the other side (it is always the same side) prints with what looks like a black smudge mark. The mark varies in size and shape but is always in the same place. I cannot understand it, since other designs which are imported into MS Publisher print without any problems at all. Double sided printing within Microsoft word (i.e. printing letters out double sided) seems to be unaffected. It's important that I use Publisher, as I'm using a specific template with my design work.

I have tried the obvious solutions, such as cleaning the printer nozzles and cleaning the heads, but the issue still persists. I even tried saving the design file on Publisher to a PDF document and printed it out from there (thinking that if I send a different file to the printer, it might eliminate the problem) but there was still a black smudge mark on the same side where there is always a problem.

I can only assume, therefore, that it is some sort of odd software or hardware issue. Having updated all the printer drivers, and checked that there are no software updates, I just don't know what else to try.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd be really grateful.


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