Blurred Printouts and missing Sets on Head Alignment (WF-3540)

May 14, 2020

I have a WF-3540 that started printing weird colors a few weeks ago. At the time I realized that the Black and Yellow wasn't printing when I performed a head cleaning. I figured that the printer heads must be clogged, so I purchased a cleaner to breakup any clogs. Since the cleaning, I can't print anything legible including text as you can see from the the checks I attached to this post. This is my last ditch effort before I end up purchasing a Brother printer. Please help.


  • Test Print Page.pdf
    356.1 KB · Views: 156
  • Nozzle Check.pdf
    245.5 KB · Views: 155
  • Print Head Alignment.pdf
    249.3 KB · Views: 160
  • Vertical Alignment Check.pdf
    250.5 KB · Views: 163
  • Misc. Check.pdf
    251.8 KB · Views: 166

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