Brother DCP-9020CDW Calibrate Profile

Nov 17, 2015
Hello everyone,

I am new here and I have created this profile to basically ask one question to your awesome community.

My laser printer Brother DCP-9020CDW is printing a CMYK test completely off. Here is an "original picture vs scan" image:

Top part is CMYK 100% for each directly from PS and bottom is a scan of the printout. Obviously there's a slight offset in brightness/contrast which is the result of the print-to-scan-to-screen process, but what worries me is the major difference in the actual hue of the Cyan and Magenta. Cyan has gone completely Blue and Magenta has lost its Pink touch and became Red, almost Salmon in tone.

I don't think it's a recent issue, I've had the printer for 6 months now and, after getting more and more frustrated with colour issues, I've finally taken the time and ran a couple of tests. I regularly do maintenance and the printer has never suffered any "problems" so it's all basically new and working from factory condition.

Is that normal ? Is there a way to correct the printer's settings ?

I know it's a budget printer but that's way off the mark. I sometimes print designs to get a "general impression" of the colours I'm using, so I would like to get at least close to the actual colours I'm trying to print.

Thanks in advance!

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