Brother DCP-J132W


Feb 10, 2012
I hope that a scanner will help me in the task of reviewing a large number of Job application by, Organisation, Location and date by inputing them onto a file which I willl be able to interrogate alphabetically and by by date.

I assume that I need to create what I would refer to as a, “Template” or a file with at least three columns with headings.

I also assume that I need to be able to edit the job applications once scanned by inputing the detail below.

1. Name of organisation.
2. Name of nearest town.
3. Date of application.

I have been told that I need to consider a dedicated document scanner that has more advanced and customizable software than the Epson GT-15000 I have.

However, I have a Brother DCP-J132W I bought to use for colour work but see that it has a scanner capability. Can anyone tell me if that is the sort of scanner that is advanced enough to do what I would like to?

I hope I'm not just talking waffle but if I am someone might just be able to tell me what I do need to do.

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